Inspired by the spirit of the Dead Sea, we bring to you the SeaSoul Spa Experience. Blessed with the richest reserve of mystical and therapeutic minerals and salts, the Dead Sea is a wonder in its own sense. Known all over the world for its magical healing and rejuvenating properties, this experience is now near you. The SeaSoul Spa experience has it all covered.

The Founders of SeaSoul cosmeceuticals pvt. Ltd., after their invigorating and uplifting experience at the Dead Sea were convinced that everyone should be able to experience the same magical moments. They married the concepts of "The Power Of Touch", "The Spa Experience" & "Dead Sea Minerals" to bring to you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

SeaSoul's Spa and Skincare products are made from ancient mystical salts, minerals and mud found only in the Dead Sea. These products not only give you a magical experience, but they also ensure the well being of skin, mind and body. These products bestow beauty and have medicinal properties that clean and replenish the skin with essential minerals and oils. They enhance your beauty from both inside and outside and uplift your mood. The aroma and touch of SeaSoul will linger in your mind and body and will keep you coming back for more. .

Surrender and submerge into a soul rejuvenating experience. Come, align your spirit to sea and celebrate this feeling of deliverance. Experiencing all this with your partner makes it even better as it helps strengthen your bonds of passion, leaving you with a pure pleasure rush. The rising sea waves, take your pleasure to a crest as you and your partner feel the relaxing release of hidden emotions.

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