Shea Butter

Helps in wrinkle reduction, Provides smoother and clearer skin tone, Reduces skin thinning, Treats eczema

Sweet Almond Oil

Softens Skin, Protects from Sun, Rejuvenates skin, Slows down skin aging

Jojoba Oil

Treats Acnes, Reduces skin Inflammation, Acts as a lubricant, Hydrates skin

Sesame Oil

Natural UV Protector, Keeps flexibility in joints, Provides relief for arthritis, Makes skin soft and supple

Moroccan Argan

Reduces dryness, cracking and peeling of skin

Wheat germ Oil

Improves blood circulation, Repairs skin cells, Cures eczema & psoriasis, Prevents and treats stretch marks

Evening Primrose Oil

Nourishes skin, Eases joint pains, Helps treat acne and rosacea

Hempseed Oil

Treats dry skin, Lowers blood pressure, Improves organ function, Increases energy levels and metabolic rate

Aromatic Oils

Acts as an anti-stress agents, Treats acnes, blackheads, wrinkles, sunburns and reduces respiratory problems